Thursday, 3 July 2014

1ST JULY 2014

Dear friends

I cannot believe where the time has gone since May of this year.

I will do a quick run through of things that have happened in the months in between then and now and start again with July.

MARCH 2014
My friend Angela and me.
This year saw our 40th Wedding Anniversary and we decided to
spend our time on the Isle of Wight.  DH has visited there before
but I have never been.  We found a child free hotel for the older
generation and had a wonderful week.  We were unable to see the
historic sights because of the previous bad weather having caused
road slips and bad flooding  However, I did meet up with an old
friend of both DH and I.  We had been through Grammar School
together and then on to Road Rallying and Motor Sport where I
met my DH.  It was as thoughe had  time had stood still and we
picked up where we left off on my wedding day. A lovely week.

APRIL 2014
This month brought us Easter and my youngest sons 36th birthday, I can't believe it!
My eldest son and his family spent time in Wales on holiday  and the weather continued to be wet and wet and still wetter.  My two nieces came down from Scotland to see their Grandmother and stayed for a few days.  When I saw them they mentioned they would like something for their babies, both being not only sisters but both pregnant at the sme time.  I am going to do them a baby shawl each.  No pictures yet until they have been sent.

MAY 2014
May 2nd was my MIL's  birthday and a family party on Saturday 3rd.  Sadly I missed this as I flew to Madeira on the 1st May with Maria to see the flower Festivaql in Funchal and meet up with some of Maria's family.  It was a sight to behold and the scent blew your brains out. I met up with friends from our trips out at Christmas and look forward to seeing them in November/December.

May also saw the Small Quilt Talk group I belong to doing a Small Quilt Swap.  Being a gluten for punishment I signed up to take part.  Pictures will follow but I have to send it to my swap partner by August 1st so nothing until after she has received it.

This month also saw my beloved Bernina become too much for my hands to cope with.  I had to get Peter to change the bobbin for me because my hands wouldn't turn enough.  I also  had problems with the attaching the feet.   In place I now have a Husqavana Topaz 50 with a super embroidery Unit.  Will show photos later.

JUNE 2014
The first few days brought the name of my swap partner for the small swap quilt.  I have designed a quilt for her on the medallion basis.  I am waiting for some new feet to arrive for my Topaz 50 and then I will be sewing for England to meet the deadline of 1st August.

Well my friends this has been a very shortened version of the months since my last post but now I am back into the swing of things I will  try my best to post of Fridays each week and make things a little more interesting.

For now Goodnight
Sleep Well


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