Friday, 25 October 2013

Christmas Things.

Friday 25th October 2013
Well I am on my way to being organised in time (fingers crossed).  I have made the mincemeat for the mince pies, made and steamed 6 Christmas puddings and have all but one gift that still hasn't arrived from the catalogue people.  What did we do when we didn't have the internet to shop with?  I can remember fraught days of Christmas shopping when the children were still at school, rushing home and hiding what I had bought and hoping No. 1 son didn't find them before I had time to wrap them.  Lists in those days seemed long enough to use as wrapping paper but somehow the money stayed unelasticated so disappointment was always on the cards somewhere.
These days the lists come from the 5 Grandchildren but the money remains the same.  Anyway.  Now I can say to their parents. "You get it for them and I will give you the money" or, "Where will I find that on the internet".  Yes I think Christmas has caught up with the times.  Just think how much time we must save Father Christmas.
Last Christmas No.1 son left some Whiskey and a mince pie for Santa and a Carrot for the reindeer.  Fetching the vegetables in to help Daddy, Hayden (aged 3) turned round and said  "The cheek of it.  The reindeer took one bite of the carrot and put it back in the veg basket."
I decided this year to make only one or two Christmas presents. Here they are.  Hope you like them.
This is a shopping bag that folds up

This is the bag folded

This shows the inside of the bag.

My friend has a bright red Fiat Panda car that is fondly called Kung Foo Panda.  Looking on Keepsake Quiltings site one day I found this fabric in the sale.  The rest is history as they say.

A cushion cover for No1 son's computer chair.
My eldest son used to run a pub and when I saw this one fat quarter of fabric on ebay I had to have it for him.  His birthday is on 23rd December so we are careful to make two days of celebration.  My birthday is on the 16th and when I was a little girl in the '50's I used to share my fathers' birtherday on July 2nd because all my relations bought me one present for birthday and Christmas.  Money was even more unelasticated then!
Oven gloves and pot pinchers.
Again it was the fabric that brought about the idea for these.  Peter's sister lives in Scotland and they keep hens.  The fabric fitted with them perfectly.
Well, time is marching on and I have a few things left to do before I huddle under the bedclothes and hopefully sleep through the wind and rain.  Perhaps it will be sunny tomorrow.  Another day nearer finding our Secret Santa partner.
Goodnight All, sleep tight.God Bless.

How can a catflap turn into a new radiator and towel rail

..if you would like to know - read on....

During my time spent in hospital recently my DH decided to do the odd job stacked up and waiting.  A bit like UFO's really but on a larger scale.
The chosen project was to remove the cat flap from the conservatory door and replace it with the original panel.  (By the way we no longer have a cat so no cruelty involved).  Having completed this successfully DS suggested he could cut the grass to help. Great until they went to plug in the lawnmower.  No catflap, therefore no access to the conservatory for a plug.
No problem says DH - I'll put a wall plug outside.  Been meaning to do that for ages.
External wall plug purchased and fitted to wall.  Next question - Where do I take the supply from?  Ah, there is a supply runs along the breakfast room wall.  Move all the kitchen dresser, table and chairs and chisell out a long run of about 6 feet to accommodate wire.  Plaster up wall. Line of new plaster about four feet up the wall.
Dad says DS you can't leave it like that Mum will go spare when she sees it!  UMM that is true.  I'll paint the kitchen whilst everything is in a mess.
Colour before redecoration
'Phone call - They need my bed says I can you fetch me now please?
So I arrived home feeling groggy to see this MESS.  I used all the strength I had to ask what was going on and then went to bed.
New radiator, towel rail and colour.
xt morning DH took me to the local DIY shop and we bought paint.  Now all the wall looks like just dried plaster, which should have been cream.  "It's no good doing the rest of the place until you have put a new radiator in.  That one we have doesn't warm the kitchen. (We have tested it for 19 years now so are very sure).  Good Idea says DH.  A radiator 3 times the size of the original arrives.  "It seems a shame to cover the top of that up with towels etc., but never mind" says I.  Next day a towel rail arrives and is duly fitted above new radiator, the wall is decorated and the remainder of the kitchen awaits further attention.  And that my friends is how a catflap turns into a new radiator and towel rail.!!! Easy isn't it?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tuesday 22nd October 2013.

Following a two month enforced break due to illness I am hopefully now back with a new blog and a new chance at life again.  What have I been doing all this time?  Well resting and reading magazines and thinking.  This involved designing about 12 quilts in my head and now I have the EQ7 update, I am hoping to learn how to put them onto the screen to save them for later.  I have also finished off a couple of projects and made some Chriswtmas presents.  I will deal with thee later (I hope) and add some photos. 
Today I am steaming the last two Christmas Puddings and then I have only to wrap Presents and write cards and then pack for going to Madeira.  My deadline in 21st of November - er not long now then.

Monday 21st October, 2013

What have I been doing over the last two months?  A lot of sitting and resting, which means lots of thinking too.  I have designed at least a dozen quilts in my head.  I had Electric Quilter 7 bought for me and I am now hoping to learn to use it.  You never know, those designs may become a reality on paper.  I have also finished off two projects which had been started and are now finished.  I have listed my achievements later, complete with photos.  At least that is what is intended to happen!
Today I am steaming the last two Christmas puddings and that will be another job finished.  I have nearly finished all my shopping and the net thing to do is wrap presents and write cards.  My deadline is 21st November as we leave on the 25th for our holiday in Madeira. I will soon start packing and then trying to decide what to take with me in the way of crafty things to do on hols.  If there is any room left I will think about clothes.  As DH has just finished decorating the lounge, it i now my job to put everything bqck where