Sunday, 13 July 2014


Good morning my friends

Well, looking back on my list of "to do's" I can only say it has been a total failure with regard to the baby shawls.  I am working just as fast as my fingers will let me but it jst isn't as fast as it used to be.  I am continuing a pace fitting a bit of both in most days.  They have to come to an end soon!

My one accomplishment has been to finish my quilt swap.  In the end I made a replica of one of my favourite little quilts to send.  I have even made a label for it!  Hopefully when I get used to my new sewing machine I will be able to set a label template on there. I made the original for a small quilt monthly challenge in 2012 and I love it. It is one of my favourites.  I only hope my swap partner likes it.  I have so little knowledge of her likes and dislikes as she has not communicated with me.  Anyway it will be on its way to the States next week.

Regarding my niece's bed runner, that is on hold until the shawls are finished.  It is her first wedding anniversary today.  OOOPPPPSSSSS.  Sorry Cat!

The trouble spot of the week has been my fridge.  It is fact it is screaming!  The milk  is going off but more to the point, it is not keeping my chocolate cold!!!!!  I have been promised that tomorrow afternoon we will go and shop for a new one - at last.  Still it hasn't done bad for 13 years of service.

Well my friends as you can see, I didn't make Friday publishing so have decided that a Sunday will be a better day as I have more time.

I will wish you all a happy week.
My work list will be to finish the two shawls.  I think that will be enough.

Bye for Now


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