Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday 27th July 2014

My Dear Friends

Well, I am sorry to have missed out last week.  Unexpected visitors throw spanners in the works!  It was lovely to see my friends, but .........................

Anyway the news for last week :
Monday 14th July :-  Our first great nephew arrived to the proud parents Vicky and Neil.  He is to be called Gabriel.
Tuesday 15th July :-  Our first great niece arrived to the proud parents Catherine and Jay.  She is to be christened Constance but will be known a Connie.

The shawls have been worked on constantly during this week and I think I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  Hopefully by the end of the month they will be on there way to Glasgow.

The next serious problem was my dying fridge.  It fought to the last moment but sadly was beyong repair and I now have a nice new fridge purring away in the kitchen.  Magic!

The last bit of news for this week is that my new Gardenis taking shape.  My dear husband and youngest
son have worked so hard and made miracles happen.  I am going to make a separate posting complete with pictures from start to finish.  Watch this space!

The weekend was a bit of a non starter.  Parts failed to arrive in time for one piece of the projects and I just sat knitting and crocheting.

Monday 21st July.   Went to Pentrich (my local patchwork group)  and had good conversations with the other patchers there;  admired the finished quilts of those there and discussed our Bi-Annual Show this coming October.  Once again, any work done has been on yes - the shawls.

Tuesday followed the usual pattern of Peter going to work and I carried on were I had left off the night before.

Wednesday - a repeat of Tuesday except for the name

Thursday - Today I ordered my Summer House - my new hand crafting and reading retreat.  This will be the crowning glory of the new Garden - I am Sooooo looking forward to it being finished.

Friday - a normal day, nothing exciting happened.

Saturday - once again, hubby and son were working on the garden until son took his children off to the carvival for the afternoon.  We went to see Peter's mother this morning.  At 96 she is really amazing.  However she is starting to lose the plot and we started with cold coffee because she tried to boil the kettle on the worktop instead of on it's base.  I think this may be start of another saga.

And finally to today.  As  with the last two weeks, the sun is shining down and keeping everyone really warm.  The garden has advanced quite a bit today and I have only four squares left to sew into the  crochet
shawl.  Hope by tonight that will be in one piece so I can sort the border.

Well, it is time for a cup of tea and then start again.  Soon I will be able to report on the new project I am waiting to start.  At the moment I am just collecting the fabrics ready to start.  Yeah something different!

So Goodnight my friends,
until next Sunday


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