Saturday, 2 January 2016


I know I haven,t been live for a very long time but life has thrown curved balls in my path all last year.  We arrived home from Madeira the day after me Mother in law died so things were a little subdued.  The funeral took place on 23rd December, my eldest sons birthday.  This went down like a lead balloon but he put a brave face on, bless him.

By nature of recent events Christmas was a very quiet affair at home and with Steve and family.  The children enjoyed themselves anyway with mountains of presents.

Still, memories are there and this Christmas proved much the same.  We have reached NewYear's Day, still in one piece and sane.  It must be this growing older thing.

I have spent the day cooking dinner for my granddaughter and her boyfriend.  Well repleat we had a civilised chat before they went back for well earned sleep.  Well they would party until 3am.  I watched a Midsumer Murder I hadn't  seen before whilst Peter slept his dinner off. I went to my sewing room and worked on a small quilt for the prem baby unit at Derby hospital.  We have made a large quilt for the show this year and there was sooo much fabric left that other small quilts have been made.  Then there were the scraps.  Our chairperson Leilia presented me with the bag when my mouth said, of its own accord, " I'll have a go". Oh well until tomorrow. Sleep well and remember
Growing old is inevitable, growing up is not
Needle Maid

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